HGH – human growth hormone

HGH DNA gene human growth hormone etc.

HGH – human growth hormone is now recognized as one of the greatest anti aging products. The HGH, which is the human growth hormone , is at the top of the hormones known because of its anti-aging effects, and haves too strong fat burning effect . It is manufactured naturally and predominantly from the pituitary, gland located in the human mind. It undergoes a conversion from the liver getting a insulin growth factor type 1 (IGF-1). This, following a blood test done to find out its level of secretion in blood flow, would promote the transfer of glucose in the human cells to the creation of energy of these.


Somatopause, the name linked to the aging of the human body by the lack of hormones is not actually a fatality today. All symptoms attributed to old age such as osteoporosis, menopause, decreased energy or grey hair can be controlled or even eradicated. The most production of HGH from the human body occurs during the teenage period during expansion. Its productivity decreases until a quarter arrived at 60 decades of that generated at the age of 20 decades. Regarding the reduction over period of HGH, scientific study suggests among other things as a concept that it would be obvious changes in regulatory hormones such as somatostatin and growth hormone (GHRH) releasing hormone Would be the cause of the impoverishment of growth hormone.

Stimulation of the pituitary gland

A good stimulation of the pituitary gland might help keep it effective regardless of the improvement of age. For this, it’s necessary to work out, to find a diet of their most adequate and also appropriate secretagogues. These used and absorbed properly can greatly raise the rate and level of growth hormone. The secretagogues are stimulating substances of the pituitary gland from the last stage of scientific research. Injections are the only therapy concept proposed thus far. Costly and pricey to use, they are sometimes substituted today for organic materials. All these have formulations whose effectiveness was studied in order to transcend the effects of shots. They would have the ability to mimic the secretion of HGH in ways far superior to all formerly known substances.

Medical Properties of HGH (Growth Hormone)

HGH can be of human or artificial source. Human growth hormone has become the reason behind transmission of Creutzfeldt Jacob disease, progressive and lethal encephalopathy (mad cow disease). The medical treatment with growth hormone has been warranted by pediatricians in the event of pituitary dwarfism, resulting in stunted development, until year 1985, a person hormone in the adrenal gland was used. In no case is using growth hormone justified in the athlete. The indications of the are identical and essentially comprise the development retardation due to a pituitary deficit. Growth hormone acts mostly to stimulate and unblock bone growth. Additionally, it has other consequences: About the metabolism of carbohydrates, on lipid metabolism on the metabolism of these proteins with a certain anabolic influence the indication of the usage of human growth hormone is thus basically kept in the kid. Other signs may be used incidentally from the adult for its metabolic properties.

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