GW-1516 Improve Endurance & Burn Fat

GW-1516 Fat Burning Weight Loss Product

A molecule which claims to burn fat faster and increase endurance? Researchers at the Salk Institute in San Diego published their job, in the journal Cell Metabolism. With this molecule called GW-1516, they have triumphed in rodents to behave on a gene that plays an integral role in burning off the entire body weight and boosting endurance.

GW-1516 Endurance Profit and Blood Pressure Control

The medicated sedentary mice ran in a wheel for about 270 minutes before being drained, whereas mice exposed to exactly the exact same test but without the GW achieved their limits following just 160 minutes. This 70% endurance advantage was also accompanied by additional health benefits, without physiological modifications in the muscles however. Therefore, the mice treated for two weeks using all the GW-1516 molecule took much less fat and controlled their blood sugar better. This implies that this compound may also help diabetics. “We already know that it enhances endurance during physical exercise, the issue for us is to understand the mechanism of endurance and also to determine in this case whether it was possible to replace physical exercise with a medication” – states Professor and head of Molecular Biology Department at the Salk Institute.

Modification of genes

This experiment revealed that the GW molecule really modified the expression of 975 genes. Genes that play a part in burning off fat became more energetic at the muscles of mice whereas those burning sugars stopped or slowed down their action. The molecule consequently makes burn the body fat faster and glucose more slowly. “This research implies that the procedure for burning fat is not as significant in endurance than the compensatory mechanism of retaining glucose” summarizes Michal Downe, a Salk Institute scientist, co-author of the research. He describes: “With its actions, the PPARD receptor blocks the metabolism of glucose in the muscles so as to keep glucose for the brain, thus preserving the mind functions”.

“Marathonian” mices

At a former analysis, these scientists headed by Ronal Evan, had found that genetically engineered mice obviously became marathon runners. The rodents did not get weight and were very reactive to insulin. In summary, all the qualities which go hand in hand with fitness. Scientists have achieved the very same results with this experimental molecule named GW-1516. The GW-1516 molecule was initially developed by the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical organizations Glaxo Smit Kline and American Ligand Pharmaceutical in the 1991s to take care of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. But this experimental treatment was abandoned after a few clinical trials since apparently of a possibility of causing cancer once the compound is removed at high dosages.

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